Sunday, July 31, 2011

Settling In

We are settling into the new house, and life as to be parents in 6 weeks. My belly button and ankles no longer exist, but hey, who needs those anyway....
The animals are doing well, more to come soon... I am finishing up my last show this week, and then I can unload boxes.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The New to Us House

We spent our first week/ weekend moving into the new condo. Scott is sore, I am tired (oh wait that is normal), our two bedroom condo is looking very sparse, and we no longer inhabit a storage unit.
Our first load of stuff. We have a garage! This is a first for me in 28 years of life! Olive seems to like it, we had her over for dinner last night. :)
Here are just a few shots of the house, I am sure we'll be back with more of the fun soon. Right now we need to wade through boxes...equate that to not being fun.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Time

While everyone else is sleeping, I am not. I thought for sure this didn't happen until AFTER the baby was born.
Oh well, I will just expect to fall asleep at breakfast again. Now on to our topic, Summer Time in Chicago.
We have had several unannounced random storms, sat through a tornado in the women's locker room at the gym, and of course, last but not least played softball through it all.
One thing I love about Mr. Bywater is that he is athletic, I hope for our child's sake that she gets her daddy's genes and not her clumsy mom's genes. Scott is on his softball team at work, and so I braved the traffic, and the confused gps to get downtown for a game. How do you play softball in the city you say, well here is what it looks like
Kind of cool to have the buildings as a background. Here are more shots of the Dyson softball team.

We have been mostly indoors for the summer, except for softball and the Taste of Chicago last week. I enjoy being able to see my ankles, and we have been very busy with all things moving. We also had the luck this weekend when the air conditioning went out in the condo. It was fantastic to come home from Houston to an 89 degree house, and times that by two because of humidity. We are so blessed to have such great friends out here that are willing to lend their guest bedroom to us for a night.
We are so ready to move, have I mentioned that. We are packing and packing and packing....again. :) This time is a little more interesting because we have stuff spread all over the place. It's great to try and chase it all down.
Tiger is ready and excited to move, and so is Copper. I wish they would learn how to pack boxes too.