Monday, June 25, 2012


We have been so busy lately. With me traveling and Scott traveling and Elsi growing up...if I get a moment to sit down at the computer I use it to pay the bills. :)
Here is just a run through of the things we have been doing...besides paying bills
 Taliesin West in Arizona. This fed my soul more then anything, Elsi was just along for the ride.
 Manchester, New Hampshire, and while I was playing there Elsi got to play with some friends in the ward.

 Utah, boy oh boy do we love coming to play in Utah. This was a first for Daddy, he got to take the little one on the plane all by himself. We played with Aniston, Carter, Jensen, and Anja. We loved every minute of it and didn't want to come home.
 Mother's Day- What a lucky girl I am.
 Daddy's Birthday
 Mommy's Birthday
 First 5k - Since Elsi, and first 10K for Scott
 Hannibal, MO- Grammy flew in and we went to St. Louis for my show and for some sightseeing. We took a little road trip to Mark Twain's home in Hannibal on the way home.While we were away Scott ran his first Ragnar from Wisconsin to Chicago.

 Shipshewanna, IN- Oh how this place fed my inner trailer trash diva. Think antiques, auctions, flea market, Amish country, and pure joy.
 Daddy wasn't with us for Father's Day this year, so we went to the Field Museum as soon as he got home for some fun.
 First 10K- Was something else. :) I completed it, and I was glad I had this scenery on my route to help out.
 Pool time- we got smart this year and bought a pool pass, we have been there just about everyday since.
Bounce house fun- at a friends pig roast this weekend. We had such a good time, and Elsi loved the bounce house!