Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bio cont.

The dreaded poster is in, and now my nickname at work is
"Little Hollywood"

Like I said, we should have skipped this....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orderville Continued

Another fun pic from Orderville. My wonderful cousin Bruce and his equally wonderful family visited us! I love them!

Monday, April 19, 2010

When Mom's away....

The Kids play! I was in Mesa last weekend at my first show ever.....LOVED IT!
But while I was away my "kids" got to play :) SO Cute!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I was asked this week to write a bio for myself...sooooo thrilled about that...not even a little bit. Why do you think it is so hard to brag about yourself? THEN my co-worker proceeded to say she needed a head shot......well, that put me over the edge.
Shelbi: "Lisa, I am just teaching a few classes in Manchester! Why in the heck do I need a sign! I don't want a sign, can you just say that you skipped me?"
Lisa: "No, but I will say that YOU said to skip you"
Shelbi: "Work with me here"

Anual Bywater Easter Egg Hunt

Well, who doesn't just wait on the edge of their seat for this??!!??
If you don't you are nuts, even the Bolander family cannot complete with this mother of an Easter Egg hunt (we just give out raw eggs...sorry Mom, I know you still have to love me even if I tease you a bit on the world wide web...and besides, if you got rid of me, look at who you'd be stuck with! Scarry)

Anywho, we drove home as fast as the little Dodge could drive for the mother of all egg hunts. This year the Easter bunny didn't disappoint... though he never does.

The kids searching high and low. We had some visitors this year. My mother in law invited a friend from work and she brought her two cute kids.

Nadia's Spoil....
I love these cute kids! (including Nicole :) )

Monday, April 12, 2010

Orderville I type this I am literally loosing has been a long day, and it was a long night before that, not to mention it is passed my bedtime.

Well, Easter brought another trip to Orderville! We always have a good time, even when the temperatures at night plummet! was cold, to say the least, but we had a good time!

Aniston was trying to rally the troops with a little prodding from Scott

Here is our darling house. If you drive by don't forget to wave!

Yes well, I did mention that this is the Bolander house. I can hear my mom saying "If you make that face at me one more time your face will stay like that. :) She was right....that is why we are all so cute!

The best things always happen in Orderville, and this time was no exception! My cousin Bruce Jr. and his sweet family came from Malibu California to visit! Of course we had to color Easter eggs, and the conversation was wonderful, as always!

My mother also did not disappoint. Mind you, I am very nervous about my little brain aging. Case and point.
Sunday morning,
Momma Ann: Well, I know that I didn't boil ALL the eggs, I thought I had a dozen left for breakfast this morning!
Shelbi: Mom, I think you just don't remember
Momma Ann: Guess not (she says this as she cracks one of the colored Easter eggs on the side of the frying pan on the stove)
To our great surprise it was soft :) and Momma Ann sent some soft eggs with Bruce and Bonny...We all hoped they found their way to the garbage before anyone found out :)