Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I had the chance to go to Portland this last week for a scrapbook show. The show went really well, and I had this darling lady come up to me after one of my classes. "do you remember me?" me: "I recognize your face, were you in Seattle?" Surprising that I did, but I had several people in my classes that I knew had been in Seattle in November of last year. Anyway, this sweet women proceeded to tell me that she was a beginner in Seattle and that I had totally calmed her fears that weekend and she just loved my class, so she had to make sure she took another class that I was teaching. I was so surprised and grateful that she came and told me. It really made my day. I wished I would have had my camera...famous last words of a scrapbooker.

So I took some extra time in Portland and visited Matt, Scott's brother, and was able to have dinner Friday at the restaurant that he works at. I drank vinegar water, and ate and ate and ate. It was all very delicious! I stayed until Monday touring around because I have always wanted to drive the coast. Scott and I, once a long time ago, talked about going and then never did. So, while Mr. Bywater was home cleaning the church building (he really was, good thinking on my part to be away that weekend) I was driving up Highway 101.
I started on Highway 6 which is the road through Tillamock State Forest. Map quest suggested it, my GPS was adamant that I turn around, but I was proud of myself for staying on the unknown course, especially because I was alone. It was beautiful. I find the longer I live in the midwest the more I miss mountains.
I seem to be thinking in the realm of "lasts" lately. Probably because I know that this baby means no more just me. :) No more just Scott and I. Don't get me wrong we are so thrilled to be blessed with being able to have a family, we just know it is a life changer. So along the lines of "lasts" I knew this would be a "last" alone trip for a while for me.
SIDE NOTE: Public restroom standards...go by the wayside when pregnant. I of course started up this canyon with my trusty mug reminding myself to drink water. Well, sure enough I had to use the facilities about halfway through my trip. I do have to say that I passed a few other throwns up prior to coming to this beauty
and then of course it looked the same on the inside as all the rest. Yes folks, it was an outhouse. And yes, I was the queen for about two seconds. Might I also say that up the road about a half a mile was the Forest Information Center and flushing toilets and a sink...sigh...I will admit I laughed quite hard.
As I came down the mountain I noted the altitude signs "1,000 feet above sea level", "500 feet above sea level." We're not in Kansas anymore Toto. And you don't see those types of signs in Utah. Usually the altitude is a bit more prominent.
I ended up getting spit out in Tillamock, which was fantastic because they have cheese, and Junior and I were starving. We were living on granola bars.
Here is a shot of the cheese factory
The place was much to crowded for me, so I moved on and ran into some beautiful sights heading to Cannon Beach

I could have lived in one of the little towns that I drove through that day, well I could live in all of them really. It was fantastic. Cannon Beach is a great little tourist attraction, so I stopped there for some retail attraction and a few photo's

After I was done at Cannon Beach I got back in the car, much to the protest of my back- aka Junior's Pillow, and decided that I really did want to continue on up to Astoria, Oregon before going back to Portland. I was glad I did because I was able to snag this photograph
The rainbow makes the photo, and was a great end to a wonderful trip!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am coming to you from Portland Oregon. I called my mom this morning and the first thing she said to me is "where are you?" I love starting conversations like that. I laughed and filled her in, but honestly sometimes I cannot remember where I am.
We just finished our Portland scrapbooking show, I will share more on that later. But I had to post about this hysterical story that happened last week.
We had a party with cake from the grocery store FYI to celebrate/mourn the loss of normal clothes at our house. They are now safely tucked into our storage unit. However, we were headed down the stairs of our building on Saturday morning off to do some errands (aka the Saturday Costco trip- my father in law trained Scott well) when I began to lament. "I look like a whale in these pants. " (speaking of some great maternity pants that I love) Scott: "Stop it! No you don't" (insert slight pause here) "Shamu".
I laughed so hard I almost fell down the stairs. I am still laughing, I definitely asked for that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seminary and Strechy Pants RIP

I have a new calling. Every morning I drag my body out of bed at 5:00 A.M. to get ready for Seminary. I am now the constant substitute for our early morning seminary out here. I do have to say that I was shocked about being called to this. I thought when my bishop asked me some time ago to be a substitute, that I would simply be substituting every once in a while, I also was not expecting a baby when I was asked, so I thought and I quote from the book of Shelbi "Oh! See, here is a way that the Lord is going to help me get back into the habit of being an early bird!" Beware of what you ask for in your prayers people.
I have a small class of just three kids. Pat, Sam, and Sarah. They are great kids, and have an understanding of the gospel that I know I did not at their age. We meet in Pat and Sam's parent's basement every morning at 6:00 A.M. We are studying the Doctrine and Covenants, something that they know much more about because most of them have been to Nauvoo and the church's historical sites that are so close to this area.
Are you noticing a trend here. Poor kids, this calling is much more for me then for them.
I have to admit that I do come home afterwords and go back to bed for another couple of hours. If not I spend my day on the sofa unable to move, and Scott eats his spit for dinner.
(my next scrapbook page is going to be called "the many faces of Mr. Bywater" - fitting I think)
Life is full of exciting things...5:00 A.M. and a pregnant lady are one of them.

On to the Stretchy Pants RIP part of this post. Sadly, I had a little going away party for my last "normal" pair of pants yesterday. I choose to wear them all day even though at every moment they were digging into junior's space. I had to explain to the baby that this was a mommy thing and to just give me this one last day.
So I had a going away party last night, and set up a plan for a larger party this weekend when I say good by to all the "normal" clothes in my closet as they take up residence in the storage unit.
We are having cake...
Happy Belated Birthday to my 17 year old littlest brother

Monday, March 14, 2011

Catching Up

It seems lately like Catching Up is always my main focus these days. Which, those who know me really think that weird, and I agree with you folks, it is weird. But if you noticed the last post about Scott and I expecting our first baby in September this year it may all make sense. I have to say, I don't know how that gives me an excuse, but I tend to be harder on myself.
Sick would be the main word I would use to describe this pregnancy business. Sick, Sick, Sick. And just so you know, when the books and the doctor tell you it should pass...I say where's your information coming from. I am officially 15 weeks along, and the sickness hasn't stopped. Sweet Mr. Bywater asked me last night after I dragged myself off the sofa to eat something if I was happy to be pregnant. My answer: " No, I was just wondering when this will be over." I immediately felt badly and the little peanut ultrasound photo hanging on our fridge caught my eye, and I said I was sorry. Then as the toilet and I were having a DTR (determine the relationship) discussion last night I took that sorry back and went to bed with it.
I do have to say however, that my sweet husband has been so gracious and wonderful about taking care of me. He is always asking me how I am feeling and indulging me when I know he would like something other then macaroni and cheese or pizza. And he tells me daily how "hot" I am, not that I believe him because I surely feel like a whale of a gal, but I know he loves me anyway. He sweetly talks to the baby and his favorite question to ask me is "have you eaten anything." How did I get so lucky?
My family has been great as well. My dad called me the other day, nearly knocked my socks off. :) He wanted to know how I was doing and if I needed some more of his chocolate covered raisins (my mother gave them to him for Valentines Day and when I was in Utah a few weeks ago I kept creeping out to my dad's shop to get a handful. He caught me and we had a good laugh) My mother is thrilled, my brothers think it is great, and my sister fields all of my panicked calls and questions. My in laws spoil me and my mother in law is always the voice of reason as I complain. Then my sweet sister in law Kristin was gracious enough to provide us with this darling playmate for our little one... his name is Marcus Steven, and even though we haven't seen him yet, we love him already.
More to come...

Friday, March 4, 2011

News from the Bywater Front

A picture is worth a thousand words my friends....

Enjoy... :)