Thursday, August 30, 2012


We did it in style...

For some reason my thought process was a little off that day...obviously, a skirt and flip flops. I would roll my eyes at my daughter. :)

We went to the Indiana Dunes (on Lake Michigan) and had a great time with friends.
 First time in the sand- checking it out in her fingers
 The first morning that we went to the beach the water was very calm. Later that day the wind had picked up and the waves were rolling.

Elsi loved the water, she ate rocks, and sand, and dirt. Yes, I did survive...barely. Elsi was not much of a fan of the sleeping arrangements and had a hard time going to sleep the first night, it was pure drama. When Scott and I woke up the next morning neither of us knew when she actually succumbed and went to bed. Hope we didn't wake anyone up. Our eight person tent worked snugly for the three of us and the dog, and the air mattress, and the pack and play. I could go should have seen the car. 

The weather was perfect....and then we came home to the rain, and higher gas prices...sigh.

The End

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Growing In

We all have to do it, and we are doing our fair share at this house. I am amazed that we are celebrating our Sweet Elsi’s first birthday in the next few weeks. I remember the last few weeks of my, lets not go there. :)

 Leads to this....

I am in St. Louis currently on my way to Tulsa, OK. to trade these cute cards!

That is all I do at my job, you really can’t call it a job. If you like the stamp like I do, my friend and fellow scrapper Kelly Purkey sells them here. She has some great catchy phrases. Enough of that...

Lately we have been drawn to parks, and as the area we live in is full of them we really don’t have to go far. Elsi is fearless (pray for us) when it comes to stairs, tubes, slides, etc. We took Scott a few nights ago and he just stood there as she went backwards down a tall twisty slide.

Check out the swing. Soon she will be able to see over it.

Scott and I got an opportunity to have a date night and go to a White Sox game. No, I am not adding my hat to the White Sox pool, I am still Switzerland when it comes to all things sports. When you are this close to the field though, it's hard to ignore the players running towards you and the ball coming faster.

 We were invited to our first birthday party. I almost killed over with anxiety (chalk it up to a REALLY bad experience when I was younger) for Elsi. She didn't notice though because there was a pit of plastic balls...she didn't want to get out

Another thing about growing up...she is starting to thin out, get taller and reach for the door knobs (pray harder for us.)

I feel like I need to mention my milestone as well, I don’t relish announcing this is in public, but I want to go back and read this when the next baby comes along and I feel like it will never happen again. I finally wore my pre-pregnancy pants. I did a little dance and moved on (I had to because Elsi was just about to jump off our bed.)

We are headed into several weeks of business with a summer trip to the Indiana Dunes and a Birthday to celebrate. I hope to get another post in, but may disappear for a while.
Love to all!