Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I find myself using this word every day. I am feeling enormously blessed. Not to say that I don't have those "other " days. Who doesn't. Here are just a few updates....
Grandma and Grandpa Bywater just couldn't stay away, they visited us the weekend after we had the little Miss. We love them and are so grateful that they came.

We also took our first outing a few weeks ago to get some photo's of Elsi before she grew up too much. Have I mentioned that I think she changes every day! I put a 3 month onesie on her this morning and she was too long for it...trouble I tell you....
I love her face in this shot, she looks like she really is starting to get tired of her parents already.
Grammy AKA "the maid", "the Cook" , "etc" has been here with us too. She is great at calming a fussy baby and even more patient then the dog.

We feel very loved and blessed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have been busy at our house....reading Good Night Moon. Now if that would bring on the sleepy eyes at night mom and dad would be oh so rested.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Pics

I just can't help it. :) I keep finding more pictures.
Lovin' her daddy
I love the look on her face in this one. We were getting ready to go home from the hospital.
I love the look on MY face in this one. We have had some trouble with the eating thing. I had two hours of sleep that night, and had just spent about an hour with TWO lactation specialists and a screaming hungry baby. It was awesome. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baby Notes

We are loving this little one, and having so much fun with her. I was thinking about some things that I want to remember about her birth and this first week of her being a part of our family...
  • Mr. Bywater likes to have poop on his fingers, however, he is the best little daddy to our little Princess, and the best husband to his wife...He puts up with feedings at 3 a.m. and helps me get up and down the stairs, brings granola bars and makes sure I eat and drink. He came downstairs the other day and said "I have poop all over me!" he then went out later to clean up after the dog and came inside and said..." I seriously have poop all over me!"
  • We are grateful for the priesthood too. We had a little scare at the hospital, our little one had a very low heart-rate. They did an ekg to check out her heart and then kept us at the hospital for the night to do an echo of her little heart. We were stressed to say the very least. We had a wonderful friend that came and helped her dad give her a blessing and things were just fine.
  • Note to parents: don't loose the owner's manual.
  • Late nights and lots of crying make your neighbors bring you "welcome baby" gifts.
  • Don't listen to Mr. Bywater when your water breaks in the middle of the night and he says "Maybe we should wait for 30 minutes and see what happens"
  • Pushing for four hours is exciting, well at the end because you get 18 years with a darling little girl
  • Get pregnant and go into labor in Chicago with no family member there except for your husband. He ends up being a great labor coach and loving you more for pushing a watermelon out of your...well lets move to the next bullet...
  • No stress makes great babies, and even better parents
  • Staying in the hospital for three days makes you go crazy
  • Don't let you husband play with the baby monitor that sings computer generated lulibies with your mom sleeping on the worlds best air mattress in the babies room. Said lulibies end up singing to her until 2 am.
  • Make sure you laugh a lot. If you need some help I'll send Mr. Bywater...when I am finished with him.
  • When you breast feed you get a snack at 2 am...DIVINE
We are so happy to be parents! Who knew this was so wonderful... :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Photo's

Here are more photo's of the little one. Enjoy, we sure are. :)

Elsi Claire Bywater

Is finally here! We are so thrilled! She is such a darling baby, so sweet and content. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz., and was 22 inches long ( for the record I won that bet.) She was born at who knows what time, I certainly wasn't paying attention to that, go figure...
She has a head of hair and is the cutest little snorter! She has a great frowny face already and sure loves being held by her dad.
We are all happy and tired and tired and happy... We'll post more photo's later...