Friday, January 27, 2012


No tears from this little one... she just spit up on Santa's gloves...sigh, only my daughter.
Thank goodness Santa traveled with a spare set of gloves. And Miss Elsi still got everything she asked for.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4 Months Old

Ms. Elsi turned four month old a while back... :) And we are just loving this baby. She is now 27" long. I know, my child is already taller then I am.
She is loving her cereal...
...and is now not spitting the whole spoonful out, we actually know she is getting something.
She is also REALLY attached to this...
Literally attached, we have two long family lines of thumb suckers, so it was inevitable. One thing that I hear more and more is how pretty this little one's eye color is. It is very odd for who she came from (Scott: Brown Eyes, Me: Hazel- More Green Eyes), but nonetheless, her darker blue, almost gray eye color is stunning. Put that stunning eye color in this babies big eyes and she is the most darling baby in the world.
Elsi is also a talker, she loves to ramble, scream, growl, and just generally make sure no one is forgetting that she is around.
She did roll off the sofa a few weeks ago, and instead of crying when I picked her up she started bossing me around for leaving her on the sofa alone. Go figure...

Half of the Holidays

Well, I am not sure where my holiday photo's have gone. I will find them....I just know it. So here is half of them. :) It's like today I bought myself a pack of Dr. Pepper (a girl's gotta have a treat in the house) and then left it in the shopping cart at Target. Good news though, I remembered to put the baby in the car.

Back to the holidays....

We got up very early to get to the airport, it was a madhouse. And for some reason I have priority status on the airline I fly for work. Let's just say it was AWESOME. Cut our airport time in Chicago drastically. Elsi was great, she slept the whole way. Our four bags made it (that is right, I said four) one got torn, but hey, as I said earlier at least we remembered to bring the baby as we exited the plane. We even fit in Jena's Ford Focus. It reminded me of this....
Except for we weren't in Costa Rica, it was cold when we got on the plane, and then again when we got off. Holidays.....Utah.....
Anyway we spent Christmas Eve with the Bolander Family. Here is a snapshot....
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever- complete with a donkey (that would be me) and "the camel" (Christian.) Not to mention the best baby Jesus (Elsi) and the best manger (think plush and pink), the best Mary and Joseph, and the best hairdo goes to "the wiseman" (aka Papa.)
We didn't use a tripod, hence the upward angle.
Christmas Day we made gingerbread houses at Chris and Jena's. Scott just sampled the candy, and egged a few contenders on.
And this little one? Well, she was just along for the ride. She spent a lot of the time sleeping whenever she could get a nap in, and being her charming self.
Family Photo's were a hot ticket item. Scott requested no more for at least six months...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Get it Together

Please forgive me as I try and get my life blog seems to be the last to get organized and updated. :) So much for New Years resolutions.
We sure love this little one, enjoy!

The holidays etc. are coming soon, I promise. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hard Decisions

Hard Decisions are always the worst..."should I really get up? It is after all only 8:00 in the morning" and here is the best one I am always conflicted about... "should I put mushrooms in this?" (the Mr. doesn't like mushrooms) But there are those decisions that really stop me in my tracks, probably because they take time to make and I agonize about every minute details and small layer. And this stops me up short, and I find myself yelling at the top of my lungs "I am such a great decision maker normally, what is the deal Shelbi Ann!" (yes, I do use my middle name when I am upset with myself.) That is why as I was making my list of new years resolutions this year and the word "simplify" made it onto that stinking piece of paper I knew I had some hard decisions that needed to be made. I ate three pieces of chocolate staring at that one little word, this would mean days of agonizing, torturous, long drawn out sessions with myself going where I don't want to go.
Luckily, I have these two...
They don't make things less agonizing, but they sure make it worth it.
Happy New Year