Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Summer can only mean one thing for us. Visits to Orderville.
Okay, yes, the place does exsist, if you blink you miss it though (fitting that my family helped settle the area) and that is fine with us, we like things and places that are quiet and undisturbed. My granfather grew up here and luckily we still have this little house as part of the family. It is well over 100 years old, it sits on a sandstone and who knows what foundation, has no heat other then a few wood burning stoves, and if you start in the hallway and walk to the front door you feel like you are in a fun house....unfortunatly rain and sandstone don't mix. We did the best we could to push that corner of the house back up, but what can you do with sandstone! We have quite the history in this town...well, maybe not so much anymore now that our grandparents are now gone, but we can still mention the name Bolander and we get a few smiles. My sister and I have quite the reputation here as well. Jena more then myself I am happy to report, but we won't go into that. Just remember that "Orderville Boys" are as wild as they come. All joking aside, when I come here I don't want to leave! That happens more and more as I get older and have more on my plate! So, for now, I can't really live where there are no stores that sell Dyson (bummer) but I'll bet you that someday we may just disapear... now you'll know where to find us!


Well, We have had quite the time lately. Obviously :) This post is almost a month over due!

Unfortunatly we lost one of the "kids". Remington, our sweet chocolate lab had to be put to sleep last month. Honestly, dealing with that was more difficult then I thought, and not really because I miss him (which I do!) but I have found myself a little lost with Scott. Scott and Remi go way back, and Scott really lost his best friend. So here I sit unable to fill that void, and I have come to terms with it (although it doesn't sound like I have) that he is a boy and he is different. Keep it simple stupid.
So in honor of our dear Remington, we have this beautiful plant in our backyard. We will miss him dearly, his protection, his snoring, and yes his ability to outwit Olive and the rest of us!