Friday, December 31, 2010

6 Years...Or is it 60??

My sweet husband and I reached out six year anniversary mark yesterday (and the ten year mark since we met.) It started with me giving Scott a bloody nose. :) At least that is what he will tell you all. :) And I don't mind because it was such a funny story, and we will always remember the day for that. As my sister in law lovingly said "Life is always interesting with Scott around." I couldn't agree more. :)

Happy Anniversary Mr. Bywater! Love you more every day! ( and yes, we are wishing we were in Costa Rica right now :) )

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Well, we had a great Christmas!(Sorry for those friends who don't want details :) You can stop reading now :) )

Scott woke up FAR to early for me...he was excited, though he would never admit to that.
We dug through our stockings first. They were filled with both of our favorite goodies. One common theme with both stockings was the chocolate. :)
Olive and I were a little blurry eyed and tired but we made it to the living room.
This was Scott's favorite gift
Yes, he is holding an iron, yes, the man does do all of the ironing in the house, yes, I am very grateful for that and will indulge the expensive irons. :)
His other favorite gift is the Ipad. This hasn't found its way into his hands yet because he is waiting for the 2nd edition to come out. Apparently it has EVERYTHING he wants.
Here was my favorite gift...
Yes, my sweet husband gave me a guitar and some lessons. I am SO SO SO SO excited to learn how to play!
Here are some other shots...
I am an official Chicago resident...I have some ridiculously expensive, but well worth it snow boots, and this great down coat that goes to my ankles. Hurray for the cold!

My parents sent us a lovely book and some great stories from my Dad's childhood. We loved it!

Tiger liked the toys

Olive likes her new coatAnd here is the toy that Mom and Dad Bywater sent...(flip video)

We love you all and miss you! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I walked by a gift under the tree the other day and saw this
Yes, my husband made these tags. I was so impressed... he even inked the edges!
This is the proudest moment in my scrapbooking life! I cracked my husband!

Merry Christmas all!
We love and miss you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,

We feel so blessed at this time of the year. Or maybe that is the numb of the cold in Chicago? Well, we haven’t decided what it is, but whatever “it” is it is responsible for the snot that is frozen to our faces, and these musings.

Speaking of musings, I always rolled my eyes when my Bolander mother would start with these boring letters every year. I remember thinking “Mom, we are boring, we have nothing to tell people.” Well, that is why this letter is going to be packed with great breaks, snot frozen to our faces, and doggy poop in a bag.

Our year has been stuffed (literally- you should see the scale when both Scott and I stand on it) with challenges, changes, and good food.

I started the year out by going out with a bang. I was given the opportunity to move on from my job with a local homebuilder for six years. It felt a little bit like I was a baby bird being pushed out of the nest. Horrible, but very necessary. So, after many years of working very hard I didn’t have much to break went well. I was lucky to jump back into a great company where I scrapbook and travel all over the United States teaching scrapbook classes.

Scott’s job still “sucks.” (literally) He is still with Dyson vacuums and loves every minute of it. We both are grateful for the blessings that this company has brought to our family, the first of which came during May when we decided that a change of scenery would be good, too many mountains said we. SO, we decided to relocate to Dyson headquarters in windy Chicago. I stayed behind for a while opting for a life of craziness with scrappbooking shows, and taking care of our fur babies (Olive- the lazy lab, Tiger- the good cat, and Copper- the trouble cat) while “Account Manager” Scott lived smack in the middle of the glitz and glamour in downtown Chicago. However, Mr. Bywater and I (Boss) got a little tired of our life apart, and in September we moved everything to Chicago. Sadly we left our home in Utah unsold but happy to welcome anyone with promising credit. (Seriously, if you know anyone let us know- our Realtor suggested we try this new marketing idea, we call it “Christmas Letter Blast.” We hope it works.) After starring at the back of a moving truck for three days we arrived only to then trek up to our 3rd floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo about a million times with all of our stuff. Long story short, Five bedroom house + 6 Years of marriage = One REALLY big storage unit and 2 fully stocked bedrooms. Last week we actually were able to eat the last #10 can of wheat stashed under our bed, we had a party (so did the Raccoon who frequents our garbage can.)

We now have a life of glitz and glamour...I get to take another “break” and work part time from home for now. At 2:00 in the afternoon you will see Olive and I cruising the streets of Glen Ellyn, in one hand I have a baggy of dog do-do and in the other a sign that says “will work for work”. My resume is stapled neatly to my forehead. In other words my second “break” is going well.

Scott rides the train (and if he doesn’t we spend 2-3 hours in the car getting him to work, sometimes traffic even moves so fast here we have to get out and push the Subaru) to work every morning at 6 AM, and is in charge of several accounts for Dyson. Again, “sucky job.” Yes, we live in glamour, and love every minute of it.

I am learning to cook- Mr. Bywater has to remind me on some occasions that “crap happens” (this was said over a plate of my first try at meatloaf the first week that we moved out to Chicago- Hey! We had to use the wheat somehow!)

Scott is now Scott Bywater M.B.A. That is right, he finished his masters degree in October. (We had another party; this time I made...wheat cupcakes!)

Scott is active with the Young Men in our ward, and me, well, let’s just say they keep me on my toes from week to week, but I am currently teaching Relief Society. We enjoy our new ward, and have made some great friends. We now have the hook-ups in the lawyer category, dentist, accountants, chiropractors, at Boeing, and our personal favorites- nurse and doctors. Yes, if you are wondering Scott is still trying to grow- up.

We are so grateful this year. We have had a prayer in our hearts daily (okay, so in reality it has been hourly) and lets just say those prayers run into the night. We have had so many wonderful learning experiences (or maybe those were commercial trains running along side our condo at night blasting their horns...still not sure.) Needless to say we are freezing, short on Kleenex, full of love for our savior and each other, all cramped into 2 cold bedrooms, enjoying our time with each other, learning to cook with wheat, doing laundry better at the Laundromat (they no longer throw me out for starting machines without things in them and then begging to have my quarters returned- those arrows are confusing!), and missing all of you!

Best wishes for a safe and warm holiday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things we're doing

We are getting ready for Christmas...
I have gone back to school....
First class....Math.....yuck....this is why I did Interior Design initially.
Scott has been selling vaccum's to the RV industry. Really, they are now putting Dyson's in these things! Crazy!
We have evolved, and now have a "modern kitchen"
And finally, we are eating lots of these...Mint M&M's...they are the best....

We live in a Bubble with a Heater and a Dog...

Sounds like a great reality TV show.
Well, this is our reality lately. I thought I would post a little about the weather we are having here.
It is cold. The furnace has stopped working correctly. It is cold. We had the repair man here yesterday and the furnace ran for about 30 minutes. Did I mention it was cold. BUT the heater man told me I wasn't just being sensitive, and that the heater wasn't working properly. It's cold. Meet my new best friend
Her name is "Heather the Heater". She is a joy to be around, the "sunbeam" in my life, and usually for me that means my fingers and toes are sitting right next to her (dang Mendenhall family circulation.) Which in turn makes it a bit difficult to get things done (sorry if everyone's Christmas cards are late.)
Here is the window I look out of from my office all day long...

When I moved from Utah I thought I left the "bubble" behind.
*sigh* Guess not. Our whole house is decorated with said plastic.

Okay, so things are not all forlorn and rough! It is beautiful here! Icicles hang everywhere, the parking lot is an ice skating rink, the battery on your car dies, and dies again at the Laundromat last night. We sat there really not knowing what to do at first. Oh, did I mention the shivering? It was 12 degrees. Luckily we had just done the laundry so Scott piled some on top of me and then got out to flag down the sweet policeman from Glen Ellyn. The sweet man said, and I quote "Well, I can call you a tow truck, but I can't give you a jump." I was mad, to say the least. I am sure there was a perfectly good reason he couldn't jump our car for us, but I was still mad. Luckily we have some wonderful friends we were able to call, and they came before I froze to death.
Side note: Notice that I am the only one that is freezing to death. Mr. Bywater is a furnace. Really, the man is always warm...even at 2:00 in the morning.
So now to the dog...

She was so excited to go for a walk yesterday. Our neighbor in the building next to us gave us a weird look as she ran for the warmth of her building and we ran from the warmth of ours (alright, I am not sure that I would call it running, the word, skating, is a better description.)
Well so halfway around block one (we only made it all the way around block one) we came upon an what looked like a normal driveway, and in her usual fashion she ran for the squirrel sitting on the other side. I had made the mistake of wearing cowgirl boots with no traction and so pulling on the leash wasn't an option. However, I didn't have to pull on the leash because the four legged child got a quarter of the way across the driveway and started sliding. Her claw marks are still in the ice. I laughed so hard I cried, and then almost fell on my duff.

Long story's cold in Chicago.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The House...

Scott and I closed on our home in Utah today. We have had many moments to stop and count the blessings that we have been given in making this move to Chicago. Believe me when I say there is a list forming, and as much as we loved our first home, we are very relieved that this new family will be able to feel the love and the spirit that has always been there.
It has been fun to reminisce through the 26 years that I spent in 5042 Rocky Road, but my home is where my sweet husband and family is. We are excited to officially move along on our journey. I know that the haven and warmth that it provided to me and all the other members of my family will always exist, and Scott and I are happy to pass this haven on.

The Rest of the Visit

Okay, so really, I get so easily frustrated with my lack of computer knowledge. To complete the rest of our lovely visit... We took Jensen and Grandma shopping, which what visit to Chicago is complete without shopping!
This is what Scott and Jensen did the whole time...
It was wonderful to have them here with us. We had a hard time taking them to the airport on Monday, even though they had to go a little later then originally planned and we got to spend the day with them. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family! The support that Scott and I get is always wonderful, and I know that they are always just a phone call and 1,600 miles away!
Thanks for coming Jensen and Grandma! We love you!


We had Jensen and Grandma with us last week. It was so much fun! Scott and Jensen play well together...LOL! Really, they do, and it was lovely to have some chatting moments with my mother in law. We love them both dearly!

Friday morning (Grandma and Jensen flew in Friday afternoon) I got a call from the Mister..." Why don't you plan on picking me up at 1:00, then we can go to the airport together to pick Jensen and Grandma up." Boss(aka- Shelbi) " Umm....I thought you were working ALL day." Scott: "Well, I am going to take a half day off." That is really the amount of excitement. We got to the airport and Jensen was ecstatic! Grandma had to put a restraining hand on his shoulder so that he didn't tip over! It was such a funny thing to see!
Here were the sleeping arrangements

We did all sorts of fun things, like going to Navy Pier
It was say the least! It snowed the whole time, but we had a lot of fun.

We also went to the Brookfield Zoo. That was by FAR everyone's favorite. I was surprised how active the animals were, and that made it all the more fun (I am talking the wolf's and bears, not Scott and Jensen)

These guys were hysterical

The Polar Bear was my favorite. He was swimming next to us the whole time!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Jensen and Grandma are here! They brought the snow, and we have been busy, busy! More soon...